The Houli’s Houli announces their move to Goldy’s in Forest Park starting Thursday Feb. 5th, taping the show in front of a live audience. Then Paddy tells tales of his recent trip to Cancun, funny stuff. Bill delivers a sports rant on the Super Bowl deflated balls, Sammy Sosa snubbing Ernie Banks’ funeral, and White Sox talk in general. Don’t get him started!! Then the Houli’s dad drops by with political news and stories and then we’re visited by Mexian Federale “Cesar”, who is visiting Chicago til Spring Break when he returns to Mexico to hassle American college students. Throw in some “Whiskey in the Jar” by Metallica and you are sittin’ in the middle of a Houli’s Hooley, brought to you by Madden Funds and Late Nite Catechism – Half-Price tix when you use the code word “IRISH” when ordering. Come on by Goldy’s next Thursday night at 7PM for a live show!