McCann’s Irish Oatmeal presents The Houli’s Hooley as Clay O’B opens the show with his best Joel Osteen impression. Then Paddy gives us a recap on his night with The Westies and Michael McDermoot along with author T.J. English. More Osteen riffs and Bill talks hover boards, Casey Urlacher, Emilio Estevez flicks, Whitey Bulger at the Paddy’s Day Parade, Brut cologne and Conor McGregor. Lots of music this week with tunes by The Westies, including Puffer Sky and the lads favorite Billy the Kid tune, “The Legend of William McCarty” and we also promote Donnie Biggins upcoming harmonica fest with The Shams playing “Issues”. We finish the show with the new monthly radio doc “Today In 1916″ for Ireland!