McCann’s Irish Oatmeal presents The Houlil’s Hooley as Paddy and Clay O’Brien mourn the passing of Notre Dame football legend Johnny Lattner with stories of his kindness to a couple of kid bartenders among the West Side Irish. We welcome new sponsor Fresh Wave odor eliminator and that signals the late arrival of brother Bill, just coming off a rough bout with the flu. Then it’s off to the races with this week’s riffs on Valentine’s Day at the Monster Truck Rally for Clay and his kid, The Grammys, Pit Bull, Johnny Depp, and of course Conor McGregor. Then the lads welcome Irish American News columnist, “Herself”, Katheryn Morley, who just published a very cogent column on the travails of online dating for an Irish Catholic gal and all trade stories of courting for Irish American millennials. Great craic, as they say!