McCann’s Irish Oatmeal presents The Houli’s Hooley, minus one. Paddy is out sick, but we have the hilarious Clay O’Brien filling in. The guys get excited when talking about the Final Four andSyracuse and how Billy wanted to play football there and his application to their broadcasting school. They come up with a whole new way of playing basketball, introducing a 4 point and 12 point line. Here’s hoping the NBA is listening and think it’s a million dollar idea! Billy is certain that he helped Chicago City Council call out Lincoln Towing after his rant about his car being towed on last week’s show. Telepathy and psychics are next but as Billy suggests, “let’s just stick to the Rosary!” The boys give us the latest scoop on beauty advice and Kim Kardashian. With some music by Eddie Money and the guys discussing the latest sports updates , a call comes in from Paddy Houlihan at home.He talks of “gurglers” while, our hosts are wondering if he may be calling from the bathroom.. Not a pretty picture! Then its on to Easter candy, Clay’s fear of the Easter Bunny, Billy’s big feet, April fools jokes and upcoming events. Of course, the 1916 remembrance events are coming up so tune in to find out more about those. Paddy will be back next week and let’s hope he doesn’t bring any gurglers with him!