McCann’s Irish Oatmeal presents The Hooley’s Houli and this week, our terrible trio is back in action! Clay tells us about his trip up to the O’Brien farm with his kids. He has a plan to start his own ‘Woodstock’ there and to invite Guns n Roses to headline. Let us know how that works out, Clay! The boys reminisce on the music they listened to as young teenagers. It’s exciting stuff for Billy as he sold 50 cases of Jack Daniels in one day. He’s looking forward to his reward! (A pair of wireless headphones) Paddy tells us about his experience co-hosting The Skinny and Houli show. As always, the guys are experts on celebrity news. The Cub’s success is the hot topic in sports talk but Clay reckons they still won’t win the World Series. Is he willing to bet on that? This week’s million dollar idea is a TV show called ‘Slimer and Jenner’ starring Caitlyn Jenner and a ‘Ghostbusters’ ghost. Prank calls, Mexican Drug Cartels, the best Chicago Hot Dog joints and the 1916 Centenary are all topics of discussion. Guns n Roses play us out this week  Have a listen for a show packed with great craic!