McCann’s Irish Oatmeal presents The Houli’s Hooley and the guys are counting down the days until the next Guns n Roses concert with a debate on ‘What to wear to a Guns n Roses gig?’. We hear all about what they got up to for Memorial Day weekend between Billy’s hungover day with his niece at Irish Fest and Paddy’s experience in moving house. We hear the  latest in sports including NHL trades and Chicago’s baseball success even though Clay is adamant neither teams will win the World Series. Stay positive, Clay! Politics is a big talking point this week with a new Republican Iraqi war Veteran candidate emerging against Trump. We hear about upcoming events in the Irish American community, including Billy Lawless’ success in being elected to the Irish Senate and Bill Gainer being honored by Cork. Congrats to both of you, guys! Paddy and Billy have a spat over who owns which old collectible baseball cards in Paddy’s possession and this week’s million dollar idea stems from that disagreement. The idea is a movie plot about a Jewish guy in Long Island who collects baseball cards, like the infamous Mr. Mint. We’ll keep an eye on out for that, guys! Chicago shootings, Harambe the Gorilla and the attack on downtown’s mascot, ‘The Walking Man’, are all topics of discussion, among many others. As always, these three stooges are full of the craic with good music from The Clash this week. Have a listen for an action-packed show!