McCann’s Irish Oatmeal presents The Houli’s Hooley and this week, the guys start the show by taking a look back at the recently deceased, Gene Wilder’s impressive career and life. Bill tells us a story about his family’s past experience with a cable guy and his own recent experience with one. In Sports, our terrible trio chat about Chicago Baseball, the Colin Kaepernick scandal and Dwayne Wade’s family tragedy. Our hosts also discuss what’s going on in the political world, with focus on Donald Trump’s trip to Mexico and Anthony Weiner’s personal scandal. The guys briefly discuss ‘The Milwaukee Look’ and use their expertise to describe it for us less fashion conscious listeners! Labor day plans, the Burning Man festival and Bill’s day at the laundromat are other topics of conversation among these three. This week’s million dollar idea is about opening a laundromat of their own. They even have the numbers already figured out! Huey Lewis plays us out of this week’s show with ‘Workin for a living’. We have some top quality stories from the boys, this week, so be sure to have a listen!