McCann’s Irish Oatmeal presents The Houli’s Hooley and this week our trio begin by discussing Hilary Clinton’s health issues. They give some of their own opinions on what is “really” going on. They also take a look into political conspiracies, from ‘Bohemian Grove’, an alleged men’s club, to Hilary attending a witch club. We’re just as confused as you are! From this, our terrible trio have an idea for a new conspiracy segment; ‘The Weekly Wormhole”. We’re looking forward to this one, lads! Paddy tells us the story of how he got kicked out of  Marquette University. You’ll want to hear this because it’s a good’un! In sports, the guys discuss The Bears’ latest game and the Cubs’ success. Celebrities being hacked, parking lot drama and The 90s are some of the other topics of conversation our hosts dive into. We have some music by Stereo Mc’s and Steve Winwood’s ‘Split Decision’ plays us out this week. A great show with a lot of interesting, must-hear stories!