McCann’s Irish Oatmeal presents The Houli’s Hooley and our hosts begin the show by looking back over the past week. Bill tells the guys about some upcoming work events including the Casket Race and pub crawls for Halloween. We learn about Clay’s long list of musicians he dislikes and he tells us about the movie he is in, ‘It’s All Good‘, that is being released this week. In sports, the guys delve deep into baseball history discussing the curse over the Cubs and their predictions for the World Series. Go Cubs! This week’s million dollar idea is a movie about the first ever hipster featuring big names such as Jean Claude Van Damme, Tom Selleck and Chuck Norris. We’re interested to see how that one turns out! Paddy’s night out at the parent’s social, Clay’s son’s birthday party and his trip to guitar center are just some of the other topics of discussion on this week’s “very focused” show. We have some music by Phill Collins too for you all so have a listen!