McCann’s Irish Oatmeal presents The Houli’s Hooley and this week, we take a special look back over two of our favorite interviews from 2016, on this our ‘Best of’ show. In the first segment of this week’s show, we revisit the interview Clay and Paddy did with Crime writer and ‘Mobologist’, TJ English. TJ joined us on the phone to promote his book, ‘Where the bodies were buried‘, that focuses on the James ‘Whitey’ Bulger trials. TJ and our hosts discussed the Irish-American mobsters, The Westies, and some of the heinous crimes they committed. This interview was one of our favorites from this year. It’s really gripping stuff! In the second segment of this special show, we look back at the more recent interview with Chicago legend and former Teamster Local 714 Union leader, William Hogan Junior. William joined us to promote his new documentary, ‘A Battle for Free Speech‘, that tells the story of the Government takeover of the Local 714 Trade Union that William’s father started. He also told us about growing up in Chicago, how his Dad set up the Union and he gave us a brief lesson in his Irish Heritage. This was another one of our favorites and we hope you enjoy revisiting these interviews with us this week. Happy Thanksgiving!