McCann’s Irish Oatmeal presents The Houli’s Hooley and our Southern Santa introduces the show this week. Our hosts discuss how Thanksgiving went including Bill’s job, the good food and Black Friday! Christmas is coming up and the guys talk Christmas music, the difficulty in buying gifts and seasonal jobs, with focus on Clay’s past Christmas tree business. In fashion, they chat about Bill and Clay’s Patagonia get-up and Bill’s choice to wear sweatpants to Sunday dinner. We’re starting to question if these guys really fashion experts! A lot of topics are covered this week including Kanye West’s breakdown, St. Nick’s Day and some of the most viral videos on the internet right now. Unfortunately, We lost a great asset to music and it’s growth this week. RIP Sean McKeough. In his honor, the guys play some music by The Replacements and Dan McGuinness to close out the show. There is lots going on this week so be sure to tune in to hear the latest!