McCann’s Irish Oatmeal presents The Houli’s Hooley and our terrible trio have Super Bowl fever! All three of the lads predict the Patriots and Tom Brady winning! Paddy gives a recap of the brothers recent appearance on Radio Free Bridgeport with thanks and kudos to John Daley for the invite. Lots of Valentine talk today, with Bill wondering, “Do people at work exchange Valentines?” We plug our pal Donny Biggins upcoming Dunn Dunn Fest play a couple tracks from Donny’s new CD “Profiles” and break the news that Donny has just bought The Tonic Room. Some funny reminiscing about beer “Party Balls”, their devotion to the documentary film, “American Movie” starring Mark Borchardt, and his Super Bowl Scene, and then major riffing on The Sybaris chain of romantic getaway motels. Clay’s final shout out, “Tom Brady, you just won the Super Bowl, where you going? I’m going to Sybaris, with a Party Ball, alone!”