McCann’s Irish Oatmeal presents The Houli’s Hooley Radio Hour and this week our pal, Clayton O’Brien the greatest guy on earth, is absent due to a family emergency and we wish him well. Lots of New Year’s resolutions talk tonight including Paddy busting Bill’s chops for his physical fitness routine awhile back that included extended visits to the tanning bed. Bill takes umbrage and reminds Paddy of his “spray-tan” incident when the stuff came off on his clothes and he looked pretty ridiculous which spawns an idea for the “Irish Spray Tan”, aka Shamrock Tan. Lots of sports talk this week, Bears preview, ND taking it on the chin, and White Sox future. Bill goes on an anti-coffee rant, the lads’ obits include comedian Super Dave Osborne and WWE announcer Mean Gene Auckerland and then we finally hear the origins of “Michael Lispy”. Clay, come back soon!