Podcast, Sat. Feb. 2, 2019

McCann’s Irish Oatmeal and Mike Haggerty Buick/GMC/Volkswagen present Hibernian Radio, saluting our Irish First Responders on the air. Tonight we visit with our old friend CPD Detective Pat Johnson, who has been a cop for over 22 years, currently working with The Fugitive Unit tracking down bad guys. Pat is also a writer of short stories and a naturally inquisitive guy.  He can “sit and talk to somebody for hours, I love hearing people’s stories.” He was seriously injured back in 2007 when a criminal shot him in the back. It took him a year to recover physically and is now the go-to-guy to share his experiences with other officers who have been shot on duty. Pat got into police work “to help and protect people”, and is just as excited about that work today as he was when he first started. Lots of great stories from Pat himself on this show, including a funny one that could have had a bad ending, when he and his partner got trapped in a meat storage locker when they were rookies. Lucky for all of us, another pair of cops found them before they froze to death. We’re proud of Pat for his courage and intrepid spirit, and the fact that he joined us on a night to record our show that was probably colder than that meat locker. We then head over to Houli-Town for some laughs and a quick peek at the Irish Lovelorn column in a magazine from Ireland, and a great rendition of “Streets of New York” by our old pals The Chancey Brothers. Great show, check it out!