Marine Unit Cop Ed Fineran with Houli

McCann’s Irish Oatmeal and Mike Haggerty Buick/GMC/Volkswagen present Hibernian Radio, our weekly salute to Irish First Responders. This week we’re honored to have Marine Unit Chicago Police Officer Ed Fineran as our guest on the show. Ed has been a cop for 20 years, is originally from Canaryville, grew up in St. Denis parish, went to Marist HS and his dad is a retired police officer. Ed was also at one time a Chicago lifeguard at Oak Street Beach and that must be where he first picked up an inkling of working on the water. He’s part of a unit of about 30 guys who on call every day saving lives on the river and the lake. He is a diver and also drives the boat, and has seen it all, from suicides to drunk boaters to the recent tragic death of firefighter Juan Bucio last summer. Ed was on the dive with Bucio and says, “It was bad.” As for drunk boaters, one of the problems, according to Ed is that “any knucklehead can drive a boat”. You don’t need a license. Booze also doesn’t mix with boating. Ed says the thing to remember is that “the lake can turn on a dime”, calm one minute, the next a raging cauldron. He tells us some great stories, including his life saving cookie story, listen for it. We salute you Officer Ed Fineran, and he promises to come back again for more stories of the high seas. We do some obits before heading to Houli town for Who Cares, some shenanigans, jokes, and music. Great show this this week, don’t miss it.