The Houli’s Hooley

Podcast Saturday March 23, 2019

McCann’s Irish Oatmeal & Mike Haggerty Buick/GMC/Volkswagen present The Houli’s Hooley Radio Hour and the lads discuss the St. Patrick’s Day season just finished, the invasion of the Chi-Irish, Bill’s lament on the riff raff from the parade coming into his bar afterwards and insisting on playing rap music on the jukebox, on St. Patrick’s Day no less. It’s Billy vs the Millennials, and he calls out Mr. Dollar Fifty Draft Beer Guy. After the commercial Paddy shares the news of his lost tooth, he is devastated by the extraction of the tooth, a tooth the lads have nicknamed “Jeff”. Lots of funny wacky talk about toothless guys at Walgreens asking the clerk, “Where’s the num-num nummy gel and how come there’s no sale on whiskey!” Paddy admits to growing his face around that missing tooth and triage dentistry. “There is comedy in pain!” and starts thinking about a Go Fund Me page for Jeff and the film of Jeff’s Journey, with Glenn Close playing the voice of Jeff. Yeah, it gets pretty crazy here folks, but funny as hell. They sing goodbye to Jeff with some Joe Cocker and Linda Ronstadt, Clay gives a shout out to his in-laws the O’Grady family in the Northwest Side parade, 100 years of O’Gradys, and then Bill picks Duke for NCAA and talks White Sox futures for the last minutes for Sports with Bill, he’s intense. Paddy shouts out to Twisted Shamrock and Barney Callahans and that’s the end to a very funny show. Don’t forget to floss!