Paddy Houlihan, Bill Houlihan, and Clay O’Brien

McCann’s Irish Oatmeal & Mike Haggerty Buick/GMC/Volkswagen present The Houli’s Hooley and the lads are on fire tonight! Once again Paddy is crying about his teeth and the dental school students experimenting on him, with their “clockwork” orange contraptions, making ha ha, egg rolls and coke, the guy in the Clear Choice implant commercial, “I’m not hittin’ til the dealer shows me his teeth!”, Joe Biden teeth and Huggy Bear Mulletts, The Van der Swan brothers, they’ve got tans, nose jobs, and move to Hollywood to become dentists, no sell real estate, Trevor and Todd Van DerSwann, Bill meets Jim Thome at Duffy’s, “Did you get on his shoulders for the photo?”, Big Sox weekend, Joe Micetich and Billy Guide at Cork & Kerry, 8th grade basketball reunion at Russells, NCAA final, dribbling family, Clay-“get out there Kyle, and start dribblin’!” Golf, Masters Weekend, last year’s winner Paul Reid estranged from his family, sign outside Augusta- “no afros, no Biden teeth”, Bill- “today was today”, Clay’s story of the driving range bully, drunk at Paddy’s bar, hey my glass has a hole in it, “Do you like Hole?”, Van Dam vs Segal bar fights, Jagger heart surgery, Bill’s new Kool-Aid drink, lots more lunacy, and finally, “It’s Hip to Be Square”, Great show!