Houli offers some delicious Kerry Gold cheese to Cathleen and Jeff Lange on the show. Very fascinating and entertaining show this week!

McCann’s Irish Oatmeal and Mike Haggerty Buick/GMC/Volkswagen present Hibernian Radio and we wish all our listeners a very Happy Easter this weekend as we continue our focus on Irish First Responders. Joining us tonight is Jeff Lange, 30-year veteran of the Cook County Sheriff’s Police, (ret.) and 30-year veteran and 2nd Vice-President of The Emerald Society. Born and bred in Bridgeport, where he still lives with his wife Cathleen, (she’s a retired cop too), Jeff started out as the bouncer at Shenanigans in the early ‘80’s and eventually started his career at Cook County Jail before going to work for the Sheriff’s police. He did most of his work in narcotics, undercover, in the Metropolitan Enforcement Group, working all over the state. He tells us some great stories and it’s fascinating stuff, particularly when he went undercover to investigate and arrest “murder for hires”. Jeff tells Houli, “It was fun!” He’s a funny guy as well and tells us of the great honor bestowed on him when he was asked to carry the US flag with The Emerald Society in Dublin in 2015 for their St. Patrick’s Day parade.  Classy guy. We share some Kerry Gold cheese with Jeff before the break, that stuff is delicious, thanks to Lisa Miller of the Irish Dairy Board for sending it over. After the obits we hear from The Elders with their rendition of “Send A Prayer Out There”, just for Easter. Lots of plugs for our favorite pubs, UNPLANNED the movie, the Irish American News, and if you’re in the market for a new or used car, get in touch with Dick or Bill at Haggerty’s, and tell them “Houli sent ya!”. Great show today, thanks to Jeff Lange and all our friends in law enforcement.

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