McCann’s Irish Oatmeal & Mike Haggerty Buick/GMC/Volkswagen present The Hibernian Radio Hour as we continue our focus on Irish First Responders, the modern day equivalent to our Irish mythological warriors. Tonight’s guest is the one and only Firefighter/Paramedic Pat Quane, who is continuing the tradition of his father who was a firefighter for 34 years. Pat has tons of great stories, and tonight’s show marks his return to tell some more, including the time he and his dad got their paychecks mixed up, his adventures on Engine 126, the St. Patrick’s Day morning fire at 1:26AM, “lots of bad cooks in South Shore” causing fires, his Irish roots, cousins in Dublin, the old Quane house in Tipperary, and his work with the union. This guy is just plain flat out entertaining! After the break and the obits, we visit with the Kiley Sisters, Emelia and Imogen, from the Murphy Roche Irish Music Club, who have just come from the Midwest Fleadh where Imogen took 1st Place in Ladies Irish Singing and both performed and are headed to Ireland in August for The All-Ireland finals. Imogen sings Bog Braon don Tseanduine accompanied by Emilia on guitar, then the girls play together the Humours of Glendart, then Emilia plays the mandolin. Both lovely musicians. We salute all mothers for Mother’s Day as Owen Mac takes us out with his international hit, “Every Day I Call My Mother”. You should too, and if your mom’s in heaven, say a prayer for her. God bless all our mothers!