McCann’s Irish Oatmeal & Mike Haggerty Buick/GMC/Volkswagen present Hibernian Radio as we continue to honor our Irish First Responders. Our old friend Morgan McGarry kicks off the show heading into Memorial Day weekend. Morgan is a CFD Firefighter, veteran USMC who did tours in Kuwait and Iraq, and the boxing coach of the legendary McGarry Boxing Club. He’s also the son of the late, great Marty McGarry, who founded the club and was one of the toughest fighters to ever come out of County Mayo. Morgan is promoting his annual McGarry Boxing Club benefit on Friday, June 7th in the St. Barnabas parking lot and gym at 10210 South Longwood Drive. It’s a great night under the stars with barbecue, great fights, and plenty of family fun. Hope to see youse all there. Then we take you from the headlines to Hibernian Radio with 22-year veteran, third generation CFD Paramedic Melanie Howe, who just a few weeks back helped lead the team effort to save the life of an abandoned baby, left on a garbage can in an alley. Melanie is also the mother of two boys of her own with her CFD paramedic husband, Darrell Bowen, and you may have seen her on the news leading a press conference of warriors telling the harrowing story of how they saved the ten-hour-old baby, AKA “Patrick Case Doe”. Melanie eschews the heroic accolades for her actions but said, “We just dove right in…and at some point, empathy and humanity take over.” She’s an inspiration to all of us and we salute her and all our Irish First Responders.  Then it’s off to the obits where we memorialize our old friend and Duffy’s Tavern owner Mary White, God rest her lovely soul. Then some laughs as we listen to Matt Anderson’s homage to our pal Frank Kevil, with his song, “Absolutely”, which all you West Side Irish should enjoy. Rockin’ show this week, tell your friends!