Paddy Houlihan, Bill Houlihan, and Clay O’Brien

McCann’s Irish Oatmeal, Mike Haggerty Buick/GMC/Volkswagen and Personal Injury Attorney Caroleann Gallagher present The Houli’s Hooley.

The lads kick off the show with a big plug for comedian Des Bishop who played the weekend at Zanie’s in Rosemont and was our guest last week on the show. Big talk tonight is Justin Bieber challenging Tom Cruise to a fight. Conor McGregor gets in on the act challenging Mark Wahlberg, and Paddy points out that this is Justin Bieber the rock star, not the guy from Norwood Park. We listen to Cruise’s entrance music with L Ron Hubbard on the back of his motorcycle. Bieber once fought Orlando Bloom in a bar in Spain, who is Eric Morello? Lindsay Lohan as the ring girl for the fight and Cruise will appear as Stefan Gorgovitch, Craig T. Nelson as the ref. Yesterday the movie, Clay says “It’s a bit cheezey”. Paddy’s a Pink fan. “I’m a huge Pink guy!” Pinks not pigeon footing. Clay wants to give Pink a Mickey Ward kidney shot in the back. Bob Vila still alive! Vila is a gator! Ambient sound of Vila’s show is music to sleep to, also known as “Happy Hour for Handyman”. Vila is gold! Pot legalized. Chicago Bulls One-Hitter. Discussion of short baseball players, Daddy Doody Da Da, 4th of July activities, Fitzgerald’s American Music Festival, Paddy, “never been a sandals guy”, it’s his Abe Lincoln toes, Deviant Weekend-great band, Bill’s Carnival Stories, Pink playing the Eifel Tower for 3rd of July, Clay the “anti” guy, and Neil Diamond plays us out. Can’t sleep to this show, Bob Vila!