Lieutenant Sean Ronan

McCann’s Irish Oatmeal, Mike Haggerty Buick/GMC/Volkswagen and Personal Injury Attorney Caroleann Gallagher present The Hibernian Radio Hour and we continue to pay tribute to our Irish American First Responders this week by welcoming Lieutenant Sean Ronan to the show. Sean has been on the Force for 26 years and was the recipient of the Superintendent Valor Award in 2017. He grew up in St. Eugene’s Parish with his family and attended Loyola. Sean shares many stories with Houli including the reason why he received the Valor Award, the outcome of a motorcycle chase near a Firehouse and an intense car chase on Lake Shore Drive.. His father hails from a farming family in Wexford, Ireland and he gives us some insight into his Irish heritage. What a great guy with terrific stories to tell! Houli brings us up to date on this week’s Obituaries followed by local Irish-American news. We hear Paddy Homan‘s rendition of “The Wexford Carol” and it’s a quick trip to “Houli-Town” to close out this week’s show. Don’t forget we are having our 2nd Annual Hibernian Hooligan Ball on Sunday, December 15th at McGaffer’s Saloon – guaranteed to be a terrific evening of wonderful music, hilarious comedy and great craic!