Kevin Duffin

McCann’s Irish Oatmeal and Mike Haggerty Buick/GMC/Volkswagen present The Hibernian Radio Hour and this could be one of our best shows yet! We’re honored to host retired Chicago Police Dept. Commander of Detectives Kevin Duffin as our guest tonight and after “35 years, 8 months, and ten days” on the job he has some great stories for us. Kevin’s father was from County Antrim and his mom from Irish Town in County Mayo and although Kevin was born here, his folks took him back to Ireland from the ages of 2-10, when his dad found the family a great place to live in 1968 on the south side of Chicago… in Englewood! Talk about culture shock, young Kevin found himself living at 55th and Damen where he was the only white kid with a brogue as bruthas told him “you talk funny”. He grew up fast and eventually joined the police department and loved it. “You develop a bond like no other with cops.” Kevin has seen it all in his years as a cop and brings his engaging personality with him as he tells us a series of great war stories. He handled a lot of heater cases during his career and also speaks of his love of Ireland and his last trip back when his grandmother died. One of his cousins asked him if he would help with the funeral arrangements; Kev said “sure” and was promptly handed a shovel! As Commander of Detectives he took down a lot of bad guys but the pinnacle for him was bittersweet, “you take great pride when you can catch a guy who killed a policeman.” These days he’s enjoying his retirement as grandpa to 15 month old Lucille Rose, who lives with Kevin and his family. She will keep him busy for sure. After the break and our obits, (sure gonna miss our pal Tony Golden), we hear about Houli’s trip to Ireland with Liam Durkin, who will be playing The Twisted Shamrock on Friday May 10th. Our music this week is the one and only Clancy Brothers’ “The Bold Tenant Farmer” which gets the toes tapping to take us to Houli-Town where things always get crazy as we finish our 18th show with some jokes. Hitting our groove now, spread the word about Hibernian Radio and thanks for listening!