Dave O’Callaghan

McCann’s Irish Oatmeal, Mike Haggerty Buick/GMC/Volkswagen and Personal Injury Attorney Caroleann Gallagher present The Hibernian Radio Hour and as we continue our focus on First Responders, we welcome a “Cop’s Cop”, Dave O’Callaghan. Dave, now retired, spent 35 years as a Chicago Homicide Detective and just wrote a book called “Murder is my life“. He grew up in St. Brendan’s Parish and his father was a Cork city native. This guy has more stories than you can imagine from his time as a Detective including investigating the ‘Black Stone Rangers’/’El Rukns’ gang, cracking a ‘Murder for Hire’ case with help from an informant and catching the men responsible for stabbing an innocent man to death. Dave’s book is an incredible insight to the darker side of being a Cop, with many stories from his own personal experience. His book is available at https://murderismylife.com/. Houli brings us up to date on local Irish-American news and the recent obituaries. He chats about some of the things he’ll be getting up to on his trip to Ireland next week including shooting footage for a future project. We take a final stop to ‘Houli-Town’ to end the show. Another great quality show this week, folks!