Kieran Aherne

McCann’s Irish Oatmeal and Personal Injury Attorney Jim McGing present The Hibernian Radio Hour and this week our first guest is Kieran Aherne, proprietor of Fado Irish Pub, who joins us on the phone. Kieran chats to Houli about Fado’s rich history and his homestead in Limerick. Fado was hit during the recent looting and they discuss the extent of the damage done to the property including smashed systems, stolen electronics and broken windows. The vandals also defaced the exterior with graffiti! Kieran reveals the silver lining was seeing their local community come together to help them clean up. Be sure to stop by for a drink when they reopen this summer! We continue in honoring our First Responders by looking back at an interview from November ’19 with guest, Bobby ‘The Legend’  Byrnes. Bobby has 25 years of service under his belt, with 17 of those years working Undercover. He grew up in Pilsen and attended Curie High School.

Bobby Byrnes and his ‘Starsky & Hutch’ car

Bobby has had an extensive career as a Detective, being a member of a Narcotics Task Force and his current position with The Cook County Sheriff’s Office. This guy has great stories to tell which include him working undercover at the infamous “Player’s Ball”, running his own security business for 15 years, serving papers to a football player at an autograph signing and the recent crazed stabbing case he covered. Houli and Bobby chat about family and the current drug epidemic sweeping through the city .Kudos to this brave Irish cop! Houli brings us up to date on the recent Obits and we hear “Friend For Life” by The High Kings, dedicated to The Emerald Society. Then it’s one final well-needed stop at ‘Houli-Town’!