John ‘Tino’ McCabe

McCann’s Irish Oatmeal and Personal Injury Attorney Jim McGing present the Hibernian Radio Hour. We continue our Police Pub Tour at the Cork & Kerry at The Park and we’re joined this week by 4th generation CPD and 29 year law enforcement veteran, John ‘Tino’ McCabe. He grew up in Mount Greenwood and both he and Houli are Mount Carmel graduates. John has held many titles over the years including Deputy Cook County Sheriff, Secret Service Special Agent and Homeland Security Special Agent. He currently works for ICE in Internal Affairs and he gives Houli a look into his role and duties there. Fun fact: John’s office used to be Eliot Ness’ office, the leader of ‘The Untouchables’. He chats about his family and shares some of the best stories from his career including investigating the Cartel’s contacts in Chicago and seizing millions of El Chapo’s money.

Jimmy & Coleman Cloonan

You have to hear it to believe it! Houli and John also discuss the advantages of modern technology in CPD investigations, how to deal with cunning criminals and the currently challenging police culture. What a treat to hear John’s incredible stories! Then it’s over to the recent obituaries followed by “Hair Of The Dog” by Wild Colonial Bhoys, introduced by the winner of this week’s Facebook caption contest, Jeffrey Lange. We take another musical break with an array of live trad tunes by Jimmy Cloonan and his brother, Coleman Cloonan. Then it’s off to “Houli-Town” for some well-needed comedic relief before the Cloonan brothers return to play us out with a collection of their best tunes!