Paddy Houlihan, Bill Houlihan, and Clay O’Brien

McCann’s Irish Oatmeal and Personal Injury Attorney Jim McGing present The Houli’s Hooley with Bill and Paddy Houlihan who are joined, as always, by their old pal, Clay O’Brien. We’re entering Phase 4 of Covid-19 and Paddy is celebrating with a Watermelon Red Bull! He’s also loving his new Craigslist bike, ‘Dusty’. Do you buy trinkets for your bike? “I’m in the market for a new pouch..” Paddy’s son is obsessed with the horror genre.. Is Edward Scissorhands the nice version of Freddy Krueger? Clay fills us in on his first jam session with his new neighborhood band, “The Alley Rats’. ‘Derek the Composer’ is the hottest composer in Hollywood, represented by Johnny Dorito! We go to a musical break with “Fox On The Run” by Sweet, as requested by Clay. Bill keeps things interesting with ‘Celebrity Dads’. The lads imagine the Scientology offices are like Willy Wonka’s factory. Tom Cruise is Augustus Gloop – “Have you been dipping in the company chocolate again?” Politics Talk with Clay. “Putin stole my putter..” Bill brings us up-to-date on his golfing weekend. Did you know: Kevin Costner is an ‘amaaaazing’ golfer! It’s time we talked about bike seats.. John Goodman’s canned farts are back! Putin rides a Mongoose bicycle. Sports Talk with Billy and it’s all about Covid baseball, this week. Perception and Reality during the pandemic – how do we return to normalcy? “We need more financial aid!” We take another musical break with Blind Faith’s, “Presence of the Lord”. Paddy’s laptop was found broken – whodunit?! “I gotta get a hold of Apple..” Billy’s new insurance company ‘Blue Gill’ can help! Russian accents, software language and secret boxes are just some of the other crazy topics our favorite trio cover this week. Be sure to have a listen for another fun-filled show!