Det. Kathleen Dorich

McCann’s Irish Oatmeal and Personal Injury Attorney Jim McGing present the Hibernian Radio Hour. We continue on our Police Pub Tour as we return to The Cork & Kerry Pub again this week and we’re joined by Detective Kathleen Dorich. Kathleen grew up in St. Barnabas and she has a Masters in Criminal Justice. Her brother convinced her to take the CPD test so she could pay for college and it certainly paid off –  look where she is now! Kathleen discusses her family with Houli including her infant son, Steven, and the fact that her husband works in the Fire Dept. She has a particularly funny story about her Dad embarrassing her. She looks back over her first assignments on the Force including working at the beaches up North. She also worked on the Tac Team and ‘Angel Duty’ aka: Decoy Prostitution. The stories she has from her undercover work are priceless including being offered a sandwich instead of money and the time she scared a cardinal! She is a total boss who has worked in some of the toughest neighborhoods around Chicago. She currently works as a Property Crimes Detective in the 4th District and the recent looting has kept her department very busy! She and Houli discuss the current crazy times we live in and when he asks her about her views on today’s craziness, she says: “The Police are just enforcing the law…”. What a wonderful lady! Houli brings us up-to-date on the most recent Obits and then we hear “Yellow Triangle” by Christy Moore, chosen by the winner of this week’s caption contest, Richard Browne. The Cloonan Brothers, Jimmy & Coleman, play an array of lively tunes to play out the show while their audience enjoy the pizza. What another terrific show this week folks, so have a listen!