Paddy Houlihan, Bill Houlihan, and Clay O’Brien

McCann’s Irish Oatmeal, Personal Injury Attorney Jim McGing and Fox’s Pizza present The Houli’s Hooley with Paddy Houlihan who is joined, as always, by his good friend, Clay O’Brien. Billy is off on his fishing trip so we’re down a man this week! Paddy’s sporting some sporty gear today. “I’m attempting to workout”. ‘The Jersey Shore Fitness Regime’ is his trick! What are your workout goals? Clay’s newest pet peeve: Joggers in cemeteries. “When you put on sweatpants, you become tired!” – an insightful observation by Paddy. There’s a secret fortress of solitude that Clay sneaks off to once a year… he fills us in on his latest trip there. “What are you packin’?” A Sid Vicious impression is the newest addition to the long, long list the guys have acquired over the last while. Agnes the cleaning lady! Do they have Jewel in Panama?! Bill joins us via phone to fill us in on how the fishing trip is going. Paddy has never been on a fishing trip.. or to a gun store! We go to a special ‘Sports Talk’ segment with Bill on the phone and then take a well-needed musical break with Garth Brooks’ “I’ve Got Friends In Low Places” but not before Clay tells his personal hazing story that revolved around this song. What did the lads think of the Presidential Debate? There’s a brief moment of dodgy Elvis impressions and Vedder makes an appearance also. Paddy wants to discuss Covid desensitisation. Can you believe we’re in the 8th month of Covid? “Until your face starts melting off, enjoy yourself!” – some wise advice from Clay there. “Make Money. Have Fun.” is Paddy’s new slogan. He has a new outlook on life: Say Hello to everyone you meet! The guys are learning from their kids and sharing that wisdom with you, the listeners. We go to another musical break with “Too Cruel To Be Kind” by Nick Lowe. Close calls and life advice from the terrible two to end out the conversation. We end another crazy show with “I Can’t Dance” by Genesis.