Paddy Houlihan, Bill Houlihan, and Clay O’Brien

McCann’s Irish Oatmeal, Fox’s Pizza, Guinness and the Cork and Kerry Irish Pub present The Houli’s Hooley with Bill and Paddy Houlihan who are joined, as always, by their good friend, Clay O’Brien. “We’re cruising through these Covid times now!” – Paddy. Thanksgiving has come and gone and our favorite trio share what they got up to. Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping madness. FGTeeV Duddy = the Joel Osteen of Youtube. What does it take to become a Youtube streamer star? Bill has a crush on ‘Ross Dress for Less’ right now.. Yes, he is referring to the clothing store! The guys discuss what they might buy their families this holiday season. Kindergarten Zoom lessons have to be seen to be believed! Zoom fart etiquette. Paddy’s son’s comedic side is beginning to emerge and we’re loving the stories! Clay has been out cleaning his gutters – the lads are adulting hard this week! How do they feel about climbing high ladders? Soundgarden to the rescue! Paddy shares his weekly shopping trip tales with the listeners. Used German bookstores, Van Huesen pants and Five Below workout gear are just some of the other topics of conversation. “I can’t keep up with this!”, Clay says when they begin with the teenage talk. Paddy shares his recent horror gym story. “There’s something about working out shirtless..”. Sports Talk with focus on Tyson’s latest fight. We take a musical break with “Set Me In Motion” by Bruce Hornsby and The Range. Paddy has a ‘Flint Radar’. Pornaments and Catholic guilt go hand-in-hand! We end out another wacky one this week with “Black Hole Sun’ by Soundgarden. Be sure to check out and donate to our worthy fundraiser here to support our Hibernian Radio show and our First Responders!