Paddy Houlihan, Bill Houlihan, and Clay O’Brien

Fox’s Pizza, Guinness, The Cork and Kerry Irish Pub, Flood Brothers Disposal and Chicago Firefighters Union Local 2 present The Houli’s Hooley with Bill and Paddy Houlihan who are joined by their good friend, Clay O’Brien. No more foot talk please! Clay thinks Paddy might be a hypochondriac. Paddy thought he was having a heart attack on the golf course last week. Maybe it was the cigarette he was smoking!? We get regular updates throughout the show from Billy regarding the White Sox score. “I’m inSOXicated!” – Billy. The way Chicago guys say the word “odd” is a hot topic. Paddy’s Collection, the latest line to join forces with Billy’s? The recent “Field of Dreams'” game in Iowa is discussed and we know how much the guys love Kevin Costner! They discuss the best and worst parts of the night. The lads brainstorm who would have been better cast than Costner, in the “Field of Dreams” movie and the best they came up with is Jeremy Irons. What will the plot of “Field of Dreams 2” be? They come up with a Russian version called “Fields of Ice” that features Putin playing catch with a  polar bear. They even come up with the soundtrack for it and that takes us to our first musical break with “Jessica” by The Allman Brothers Band. We hear some pretty good Russian accents this week and the lads discuss what genre some of their favorite bands really are. What’s with this new apple pie hot dog?! Clay shares the story about his recent outing to The Black Crowes concert. These three can’t stand Dave Matthews Band and it’s mainly because he doesn’t plug in his guitar. “Tickle that acoustic!” – Clay. The latest ‘Jeopardy!’ host selection fiasco. Do we know who Tiesto is?!  Michael Stoyanov is their man crush! Paddy’s daughter is into fishing after summer camp. I think a Houli’s Hooley fishing trip might in store! Britney has converted to Catholicism and the guys are very excited about finally being able to take her home to their parents. We end another goofy show with “Atlantis” by Donovan.