Paddy Houlihan, Bill Houlihan, and Clay O’Brien

Fox’s Pizza, Guinness, The Cork and Kerry Irish Pub, Flood Brothers Disposal and Chicago Firefighters Union Local 2 present The Houli’s Hooley with Bill and Paddy Houlihan who are joined by their old pal, Clay O’Brien. “The World is ours, boys…” – Clay. We begin this week with Scarface fetishes and Bill’s fantastic trivia questions. From Scarface to Richard Gere.. Fashion Talk with focus on Paddy’s scarf. It’s officially cold! Billy shares a story about his windscreen being shattered while driving. Clay and Paddy speculate it might be a hater throwing rocks! Cars and turkeys don’t mix.. Billy shares his insurance claim story and the problem he has with State Farm. Long story short – he’s very frustrated with Mallory! ‘Bad Driver Billy’ went on a 30 minute rant. Guess that lyric! “You gotta think like Joel Osteen!” – Clay advises. Clay even suggests asking Joel for help with the windscreen. ‘Billy’s car problems’, a new instagram account for Billy’s car troubles. Celebrity Talk with focus on the richest animals who fly by private jets and have personal chefs. Cars, teeth and cigarettes: a new men’s magazine. Paddy wants to remind us that, “You can’t hang out with killer whales!” The lads speculate that Zuckerberg might be the one to wipe Gunther’s dog butt! Fun fact: German Shepherd’s work as Doormen at NY strip clubs. New movie idea: Animal vet gone bad. “I’ve lost control of the show!” – Paddy. It’s almost time to be thankful.. What are everyone’s Thanksgiving plans? We take a well-needed musical break from the craziness with “Mr. Charlie” by the Grateful Dead. Larry Flint & Jerry Garcia in “The Larry & Jerry Show”: a show about smut and weed. Sports Talk with focus on Marquette’s recent success. “I didn’t watch the basketball show!” Phones and electronics are used as pacifiers these days. Paddy’s really getting into the sports! How to boost your kid’s confidence and the importance of outdoor time. Will Paddy become a crazy sports training Dad? We end this week’s show with a dedication to the Free Willy movie with “You Will Be There” by Michael Jackson.