Jesse Langen, Kathleen Keane and Kathy Cowan

Fox’s Pizza, Guinness, the Cork and Kerry Irish Pub and Flood Brothers Disposal present the Hibernian Radio Hour and this week we take a break from our First Responders Tour for a special musical show at The Cork and Kerry Pub on Western Avenue. Before we delve into the music, we hear a recent phone interview with Derry Cronin from County Cork. Derry runs the family company ‘Specialized Travel Ireland’ and he handles the logistics of Houli’s annual trip to the Emerald Isle. He begins by explaining his Safe Harbor for Ukraine Project – they sent a coach to the Poland-Ukraine border on St. Patrick’s Day and took back 40 women & children to take refuge in Ireland. They also sent two coaches full of essential goods to Ukraine and even flew some families to Ireland to live with host families. The Irish communities have shown great support having raised $90,000 on GoFundMe alone. Derry chats about how tough it was for them to leave their families, friends and personal possessions in their home country. As Houli says, “There’s no welcome like an Irish welcome!” and we commend our friend for all the good he does for those in need. We then welcome Irish singer, storyteller and old friend Kathy Cowan. Kathy has a new show at the Beverly Arts Center this weekend featuring Jesse Langen on guitar and Kathleen Keane on whistles, fiddle and vocals. Their show “From Ireland: Songs, Poems and Stories of Irish Immigrants” will take place this weekend, Saturday April 2nd at 7pm at the Beverly Arts Center. Tickets available here! Kathy explains how the idea for the show came about and tells the story of when they first premiered and the chaos surrounding a last minute location change. She chats about Jesse and Kathleen’s creativity and how important their roles are within the show and it’s success. This lady is a true professional having sang Irish folk songs with Doc Severinsen as well as touring with Paul Winter. She shares the incredible story about landing the Winter gig with only hours until showtime. Kathy gives us an insightful synopsis on the “From Ireland” show, chats about how they wanted to tell the story of the Irish people seeking refuge and even sings some excerpts live on the show. It’s always a pleasure to listen to Kathy sing and she discusses her voice maintenance with Houli before ending a delightful interview with her lovely rendition of “Tura Lura Lura (Irish Lullaby)”. Be sure to get out to their show his weekend! Houli chats about upcoming Irish events followed by the recent obituaries and he ends on a comical note with one final joke to end this week’s special show!