Paddy Houlihan, Bill Houlihan, and Clay O’Brien

Fox’s Pizza, Guinness, The Cork and Kerry Irish Pub, Madden Funds and Flood Brothers Disposal present The Houli’s Hooley with brothers Bill and Paddy Houlihan and their old pal, Clay O’Brien. What a crazy week for Paddy during his couch shopping spree although Clay is mostly interested in the material. ‘Maybe Canvas’ is a new Houli’s Hooley sofa material idea. “New couch, new life!” – Clay. Does anyone else get teary-eyed during The Karate Kid? Paddy shares his juicy story about decorating his new space and juggling couch sales. Apparently furniture testing is a big no-no these days.. Billy’s got some moving advice for 40+ year olds. Why do we all have bad experiences at U-Haul? The lads share their own stories. Then it’s back to Paddy’s sofa moving story where poor Billy was roped into moving it into the apartment. The Houlihan brothers really got into it! Is OfferUp the new online dating site? It’s always a possibility! Paddy and Kristy “the pregnant M&M” –  a true love story. What about Fab, the couch lady?! “Little Cali” located in Bensenville is their latest restaurant idea. What are the lads’ words of wisdom when it comes to moving? “Measure twice, cut once!” – Clay. Bill shares his own Good Samaritan moving story. We take a musical break from the moving madness with “Rock And A Hard Place” by The Rolling Stones. It’s safe to say that this week is a special ‘couch’ episode and the guys move on to discussing midlife crises. How about the guy from the internet aka: Couch Boy! Then it’s over to “The Norwood Scale” to delve into the seriousness of hair loss in men and the guys’ obsession with their follicles. Paddy’s in a midlife couch and hair crisis and it sounds like he’s starting to lose it.. We end this week’s craziness with “We Are Family” by Sister Sledge