Paddy Houlihan, Bill Houlihan, and Clay O’Brien

Fox’s Pizza, Guinness, The Cork and Kerry Irish Pub, Madden Funds and Flood Brothers Disposal present The Houli’s Hooley with twin brothers Bill and Paddy Houlihan. It’s been a hectic week for these two and Billy’s looking tired. They’re looking forward to the Movie Hooley this weekend though! We’re right into Sports Talk this week and the Bears are back! Paddy shares his recent experience at a School Open House. “The Principal’s Office” – should we remake it?!  The guys share their love for the Channel 9 Movie Hour. Paddy’s car troubles are back.. “Story of your life!” – Bill. Who remembers Dusty the bike?! There’s a ‘family bike’ now… sharing is caring! Asking people what parish they grew up in is a proper Chicago thing! Smokers Guilt is a real thing..  The lads discuss their longest smoke breaks and Paddy insists he’s going to quit. What’s a fartknocker? The brothers explain… Adult Parent Parties, sign us up! We stick with the crazy theme and take a musical break with “Our House” by Madness. Billy is the new “Howie Mandel of the Laundry Room”.  Paddy reckons a guy in his building is crushing on him so he’s gonna teach him all things Urban Dictionary. The lads are thinking about their mortality… things are getting heavy this week. Back to Sports Talk with the lads’ latest trip to a Highschool football game. There’s some more Golf Talk after the football chat and Billy’s bringing clients to the green. How do kids make friends so easily?! Us adults need to know! Baseball chat with focus on The White Sox. We take another musical break with “Narco” by BlasterJaxx & Timmy Trumpet. “The zinc pills are working!” – Paddy. Then it’s over to Celebrity News with some TMZ headlines and the lads reminisce on some of their favorite segments over the years here on The Houli’s Hooley. We end this week’s show with “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door” by Guns n Roses.