Paddy Houlihan, Bill Houlihan, and Clay O’Brien

Fox’s Pizza, Guinness, The Cork and Kerry Irish Pub, Madden Funds and Flood Brothers Disposal present The Houli’s Hooley with twin brothers Bill and Paddy Houlihan. The guys begin by giving a shout-out to Producer Nick from last week but Producer Mike is back and we’re thrilled to have him back with us this week! The brothers take a look back at some of the other substitute Producers they’ve had over the many years of the show being recorded at the studio. They delve right into the topic of being busy up until the Christmas holidays, especially with having to attend holiday parties. “It’s the suckin’ up and the ass kissin’.. I can’t handle it!” – Paddy. It’s safe to say we can all relate! We get a glimpse into some of the Houlihan’s plans for this Christmas.  We also learn that “Paddy never forgets” and Billy tries to lift our spirits with some advice on how to be kind. Will they be ectomorphing in 2023? Stay tuned… Then we hear their newest Broadway show idea that’s just as good as “Bitcoin: The Musical”, if not better called “Bezos: The Musical”. Watch this space, folks! Go big or go home with the Christmas gifts! And be sure to show off your amazing new vacuum because that’s the kind of stuff that gets the Houli’s Hooley lads excited for the holiday season. Hint: Billy wants a Dyson or even just a Walmart version… What counts as a ‘practical’ investment these days? The latest Christmas scary movie called “Violent Night” is covered in this week’s Celebrity segment with leading man, David Harbour. The Houlihan brothers discuss the unspoken rules for portraying Santa including the fact that they have to be 55 or older with “a gentle heart”. We take a musical break from the madness with “Beautiful Girl” by Pete Droge. “The Liquor Boy” is another great Hallmark Christmas movie idea surrounding Billy’s life. Some more movie ideas this week feature Kevin James, Claudia Schiffer and Joe Rogan. What’s YOUR Christmas fantasy?! And who would play Bill in his own Hallmark Love Movie? These are just some of the intriguing questions posed this week.. Sports Talk focuses on the local baseball trades and Billy feels like “No one wants to come and play here anymore!”. College sports is also a hot topic and  a favorite of our hosts. On the phone with foreign Call Centers, the best and worst Christmas movies and what makes the perfect Santa are some of the many random topics covered by the guys this week. We end the show with Darlene Love’s, “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” to help get you in the holiday spirit!