Gene Roy

Fox’s Pizza, Guinness, Big Corner Tavern, Madden Funds and Flood Brothers Disposal present the Hibernian Radio Hour as we return to our First Responders Tour at our new recording location, Big Corner Tavern, and this week we welcome back Gene Roy to the show. Gene is a retired 30 year CPD veteran with 40 years total in Law Enforcement. He grew up in St. Joachim’s parish and is a St. Philip’s alum. He graduated from Dominican University as well as the Senior Management Institute for Police and joined the Force in ’86. He began his career at just 20 years old as a Telecommunicator/Dispatcher and moved to the Office of Professional Standards where he investigated police shootings and allegations of excessive force against officers. He later worked in Narcotics Investigations for the State Attorney General’s Office in North Dakota. Gene returned to Chicago and joined CPD, rising from Police Officer to Chief of Detectives where he was responsible for the operation of the Bureau of Detectives with over 1100 personnel. While working as Commander of the 9th District in Bridgeport, he directed Police Operations during the 2005 White Sox Championship season and the World Series. He also had a big part to play in Homeland Security Operations for the Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup Playoffs as well as the subsequent parades. Houli begins their interview this week by telling Gene that “everytime we talk, it gets worse for the cops..”. These two old pals dive right into discussing the seriousness surrounding the ‘Defund The Police’ movement and Gene describes it as a ‘three-pronged strategy’. “The police have been defunded, disrespected and demoralised.” The decrease in number of officers currently in the Academy and some of the local political agendas are some other topics these two delve into at the top of the show. Since his retirement in 2016, Gene has been teaching police about the emotional toll their job can have on themselves and their families. After seeing the toll the stress of the job was taking on his officers, he decided to get involved in officer wellness by helping officers take care of their mental health You can support the heroes that keep us safe everyday by donating at their website.  “I believe in a higher power, the power of good.” Gene sheds light on some of the more dangerous outlets officers use to relax including gambling and drinking heavily. He also brings up EMDR Therapy aka “Flashing Light Therapy” and the premise behind it. He even mentions some people he knows who have benefited greatly from this revolutionary therapy. “It’s been proven effective!” Gene goes on to share some cases that stand out from his career including the investigation into the murder of a family of six in 2016, including 2 grade-school aged children in the Gage Park neighborhood. He explains how he spent a lot of time at the crime scene and how “there was a great deal of blood”. He also discusses another case surrounding a family dispute that ended in what Gene describes as a “killing rampage”. He explains how DNA and witnesses helped solve that particular case. Gene is the perfect example of a purpose driven retiree who works at giving back to the CPD community. “It’s about those men and women wearing those uniforms who are out there day in and day out.” Houli then introduces his son, Paddy, to update us on the recent obituaries and that’s followed by some jokes to end another great show this week at Big Corner Tavern!