Pat Quane

Fox’s Pizza, Guinness, Big Corner Tavern, Madden Funds and Flood Brothers Disposal present the Hibernian Radio Hour as we return to our First Responders Tour at our new recording location, Big Corner Tavern, and this week we welcome back CFD’s Pat Quane for the third time! Pat works at Engine 126 and he is second generation CFD – both his Dad and Uncle Barry were firefighters. His Dad worked in Chicago and Barry worked out in Naperville. Pat has been working as a firefighter for 15 years, since he was just 25 years old. He even got to work with his father and he shares that lovely story with Houli. “It was nice to see Dad on the run!” He does a deep dive into his Irish heritage which goes back all the way to Tipperary and Pat shares some incredible details with the listeners regarding his family’s role in Ireland’s War of Independence – his own great-grandfather, William, fought against the British! He recalls some of the worst fires he has witnessed including a bungalow fire in South Shore that ended in an evacuation. Pat goes on to pay his respects to the 2 firefighters who recently lost their lives while on-duty. These two pals go on to discuss how the firefighter’s run volume has doubled in recent years and how important Local 2 is to many people. Pat also explains why they keep some toys on hand when responding to calls that involve children. He’s a member of the Gaelic Fire Brigade and he discusses the importance surrounding the ‘Brotherhood of the Barrel’.”The Fire Department has always been very involved in giving and Charity.” The banter is great between Pat and Houli and the current social and political unrest in Chicago is the topic to end another great show this week. “I hope we can get past this political hump..” Houli then gives us a quick update on some upcoming events including the Emerald Society’s Annual Ribfest on June 26th at Lodge 7 followed by the recent obituaries. Then we take a quick trip to our favorite place known as ‘Houli-Town’.