James ‘Alamo’ Lynch

Fox’s Pizza, Guinness, Big Corner Tavern, Madden Funds and Flood Brothers Disposal present the Hibernian Radio Hour as we return to our First Responders Tour at Big Corner Tavern, and this week we welcome back James “Duke” Lynch AKA: Alamo! This is his 14th appearance on the show and he has new stories to share with us every time! Alamo is a U.S Marine Corps Vietnam Veteran and a retired 39 year veteran of the Chicago Police Department. This South Shore native attended St. Philip Neri School followed by Lyons Township High School. He is a man of valor, Bronze Star recipient, having lost both knees in the war and still returning to combat after his recovery in Hawaii. It’s no secret that Alamo is a devoted fan of John Wayne, admiring him so much that he had to repeat the 5th grade because he skipped school for a full month to go see “The Alamo” 60 times in the theater.. He even took time off work to attend John Wayne’s funeral and managed to find his way into the private section, rubbing shoulders with celebrities like Jimmy Stewart. This Chicago legend has been awarded more awards than we can count including the Friend Indeed Award for carrying two children out of a burning building as well as housing his neighbors after another fire. He spent 15 years as a bodyguard to Mayor Richard M. Daley with Mayor M. Daley becoming a family friend, even attending his father’s wake. Alamo begins this week’s interview with a cancer update and he shares his goal to reach his 1 year cancer-free date on October 1st. He briefly tells the story behind how he discovered he was unwell due to his sudden weight loss as well as comments from his kids during a family day out at a baseball game.

Mikey Houlihan

Alamo jumps into discussing what it was like to work with Mel Gibson on ‘Payback’ as well as sharing what it was like during his time at the Academy after returning from Vietnam. He began working as a ‘Wagon Man’ with CPD and he goes on to share some of the funnier stories from his extensive career including dealing with his Irish partner and trying to understand his accent especially when the drink was in! He goes on to mention some other cases that stick out to him including the lady who took her own life and landed on their squad car. Houli and Duke touch on the story of how they met and reminisce about how great it was to grow up on Chicago’s south side. It’s always a pleasure to have our old pal join us – he’ll be back! Paddy jumps in to do the recent obituaries followed by a very sweet interview with Houli’s grandson and Paddy’s son, Mikey. Mikey shares some of his baseball hopes and dreams with the listeners and he gives us an update on his own baseball progress. That’s followed by some hilarious jokes from this Houlihan legend to end another great show this week on Hibernian Radio!