Kevin Duffin

Fox’s Pizza, Guinness, Madden Funds and Flood Brothers Disposal present the Hibernian Radio Hour at our newest recording location, The Beacon Pub in Forest Park and we are delighted to welcome back a good friend of the show, former CPD Commander of Detectives and now Deputy Chief of the Hometown Police Department, Kevin Duffin. Kevin spent 36 years with the CPD before retiring only to return 18 months later to work in Hometown. He explains his return to work and chats about his new work neighborhood. “It’s not like the big city police..” These two pals discuss both Lori Lightfoot and current Mayor Brandon Johnson as well as the Safety Act Bill that just went into effect. They dive into how the media has turned on the police and how dangerous the current Fentanyl epidemic is. Kevin shares plenty of stories from his long, extensive career including responding to a recent suicide and investigating a murderer on the run which led to him testifying in court. He also follows up on a story he has previously shared about a former firefighter who was hired to kill a man’s wife – he was paid a $50 down-payment and later got caught with the victim’s purse inside his wall! Fun fact: Kevin and another great friend of the show, James ‘Alamo’ Lynch, worked together and he tells the cool story of having Richard Gere ride along for a  week to research for his movie, ‘No Mercy’. “He’s Hollywood…. and short!”. He also tells the story about a dog that was thrown from a car and how Kevin ended up bringing him home with him after a visit to the vet. He talks fondly about his granddaughter who lives with him and shares his hopes for her future. Houli then chats briefly about this year’s Irish American Movie Hooley this past weekend as well as some upcoming events including the Emerald Society’s Annual Dinner Dance & Awards on October 7th at Gaelic Park. We head over to the obituaries followed by a well-needed trip to ‘Houli-Town’.