Alex Joyce

Fox’s Pizza, Guinness, Madden Funds and Flood Brothers Disposal present the Hibernian Radio Hour at our newest recording location known only as ‘The Bunker’.. Our guest this week is an old friend and hilarious stand-up comedian, Alex Joyce. Alex attended Tuscola High School in Asheville and the last time we spoke with him was way back on The Skinny & Houli show! He has been doing stand-up comedy for 12 years and is a Performer & Co-Producer of ‘The Blackout Diaries’, a weekly comedy show at the Lincoln Lodge. He attended the University of Alabama and later moved to Chicago to study Comedy Writing at the Second City Theatre Training Center. Alex explains how he got started in comedy and mentions the influence Second City had in giving him the confidence to perform onstage. “I was always interested in doing stand-up.”. Sean Flannery, another great friend of the show, co-produces ‘The Blackout Diaries’ with Alex and their successful show has been running for over a decade! Alex tells Houli about how the show can sometimes turn interactive when members of the audience share their own embarrassing stories! He also mentions his Dad, James, who wrote a book called Pucker Factor 10‘, telling the story of his time as an Army Helicopter pilot in Vietnam and this year marks 20 years since it was published. He chats to Houli about his day job as an independent sales rep with his Dad’s business and takes us through a typical day on the job. Alex shares some of the hilarious stories from his stand-up material including the time his house guests broke into the zoo! He dives into how tough open mics can be, especially when you’re bombing and he advises on how to deal with hecklers as well as stage fright. These two pals discuss many topics this week including who are some up and coming stand-up comedians and there’s some political chat between them too. If you’d like to see Alex’s set, he will be performing at the Half Sour on November 16th in the South Loop. Houli then brings us up to date on some upcoming events including our Annual Hooligan Ball on December 16th at Barney Callaghan’s – be sure you make it for some great music and craic! Then we head over to the recent obituaries followed by a quick trip to our favorite place called ‘Houli-Town’.