Bill Donnelly

Fox’s Pizza in Orland Park & Mokena, Guinness, Madden Funds, Flood Brothers Disposal and our new sponsor this week, Michael Flatley’s ‘Lord Of The Dance’ at the Chicago Theatre on Feb 22nd present the Hibernian Radio Hour at our newest recording location known as ‘The Bunker’ and this week we welcome our old pal, retired CPD Detective Bill Donnelly. These two begin this week’s show with a chat about the success of The Emerald Society‘s recent Chili Cook-Off. Bill is a West Beverly native and attended St. John Fisher School and Marist High School. He has a Master’s in Criminal Justice from Lewis University and currently works as an Investigator for the State’s Attorney dealing mainly with subpoenas. He worked at the Burbank Police Department for 4 years before working in Chicago, spending almost 15 of his 27 years with CPD as a Robbery Detective. Bill catches Houli up on his family before diving into the danger surrounding scam calls, especially those that target the elderly. He shares many great stories from his extensive career including some tales from his time working with his partner, Jay, and how they caught a particularly evil offender nicknamed ‘Drac’ because of his teeth! He also shares the story of how they caught Art Williams, a Master Counterfeiter, and some of the tactics he used to evade the law before finally being caught. Bill and Houli delve into the current state of our city and how people used to view the police in a more positive light before the pandemic. “You can’t listen to everything you hear in the Press…” Bill has been playing with The Pipes & Drums of The Emerald Society for 12 years and he ends another great interview this week by mentioning some of the places they’ll be playing around St. Patrick’s Day this year. Be sure to keep an eye out for them in the Southside parade! Houli then brings us up to date on some upcoming events including Michael Flatley’s ‘Lord Of The Dance’ at the Chicago Theatre on Feb 22nd followed by the latest obituaries. We end this week’s show with a quick trip to “Houli-Town”.