Det. Sgt. Eleanor Reardon

Fox’s Pizza in Orland Park & Mokena, Guinness, Madden Funds, Flood Brothers Disposal and our new sponsor this week, Michael Flatley’s ‘Lord Of The Dance’ at the Chicago Theatre on Feb 22nd present the Hibernian Radio Hour at our newest recording location known as ‘The Bunker’ and this week we welcome back our good friend and retired CPD legend, Eleanor Reardon. Eleanor is a retired Detective Sergeant who worked 30 years in Law Enforcement. She grew up in St. Basil’s parish and attended Queen of Peace followed by Daley College and Chicago State University. She began her career at the Cook County Dept of Corrections and mentions her grandfather’s influence in her decision to move to CPD. She joined the Force at just 26 years old and began working in Englewood where she recounts the story of a guy named Ronald McDonald who headbutted her and broke her nose! “It’s a part of the job!” These two pals dive into discussing some of the difficulties our officers currently face and mention some of the effects of the recent decision to remove Law Enforcement from schools. Eleanor has been retired for 10 years but is involved in many groups including the Mount Carmel Alumni Mother’s Club and CPD Peer Support. “You gotta stay busy!” Peer Support is a great resource for anyone who is struggling including retired Law Enforcement as well as their family members. Eleanor takes us through a typical day taking Peer Support calls and she reiterates the important message – “You are not alone!” Some other topics covered this week include the great work done by the Chicago Memorial Foundation, the importance of having strong mentors for new officers and Eleanor’s outlook on the future of CPD. “I hope things get better!” We head over to the premiere of ‘Black Irish’ which tells the story of Seamus O’Hooligan, starring Greg Hollimon – you don’t wanna miss it! Houli then updates us on some upcoming local events and the recent obituaries followed by a musical break with “The Bold Fenian Men” by Derek Warfield. Then it’s over to ‘Houli-Town’ to end a jam-packed show!