Paddy Houlihan, Bill Houlihan, and Clay O’Brien

Fox’s Pizza in Orland Park & Mokena, Guinness, Madden Funds, Flood Brothers Disposal and  our new sponsor this week, Michael Flatley’s ‘Lord Of The Dance’ at the Chicago Theatre on Feb 22nd present The Houli’s Hooley with brothers Paddy and Bill Houlihan and the great Clay O’Brien is out this week after his brief return last week! The guys speculate what Clay might be getting up to at the Plumber’s Council’s Corned Beef & Cabbage Dinner – networking and evangelizing, that’s what! Paddy shares his recent experience at his daughter’s school ‘Daddy-Daughter Dance’. Thankfully it turned out better than expected! His choice of outfit for the event is a hot topic at the start of this week’s show which leads to the brothers reviewing some of Bill’s choice of clothing – “I don’t own an outfit!”. Could ‘outfits’ be a new 2024 idea for Billy’s Collection?! Some of those new outfit examples include ‘Jockey on the weekend’.. What does that even entail?! Bill’s been dealing with “hipster, emo-type” guys at work this week  The Superbowl is the main topic in this week’s Sports Talk and the brothers “are very, very, very tired of seeing Taylor Swift!” We hear all about the cost of Billy’s recent TV installation and why he’s reluctant to hire his building’s maintenance guy. The craziness leading up to St. Patrick’s Day, the Houlihan brothers’ potential childhood boy band and the history of French kissing are just some of the random topics discussed by the duo on this week’s show. Another great one for our listeners so be sure to tune in, folks!